Long time no sew

Although, that is not entirely true. I have had less making time but also l haven’t felt the need to post here. Life has been busy and the day job time consuming and so any me time has been limited. Here are just a few makes since May.


As you can see, it’s been a range of items using various mediums including my sons old school shirt in one. I love up cycling objects and so have also used up some fabric scraps, used up odd buttons, repurposed vintage doilies and decorated a box using mixed media. I loved sewing the animals for a retelling of Farmer Duck at work out of felt scraps. The hat was for my mad hatter costume in which I also took part in interviews at work!!

I have also made a few books since I attended a course in January. There is just one pictured here which I made from scratch. My next project is a swimming costume as I haven’t seen a garment since my Christmas dress. I am also determined to de stash over the holidays and finish some WIPs, including a junk journal for me.  Well that’s  the plan …………………..

I have linked my FB page below if you would like to se more of my makes.



Projects this week and chaos

Its been a busy week with trips to hospital, plumbers, competition deadlines and some makes in between.

First my competition dress had to posted on Tuesday and so Monday and Tuesday was spent finishing this. The dress was the walk away dress for the Bamber Sewing Competition. Here is a sneaky peek.

imageThe fabric was sent with the pattern and you have to make your dress with it. It is then up to you how to finish the dress. I opted to add handmade fabric roses, lovely pink binding and a lace up front rather than buttons. It is meant to be an easy make but at times it drove me insane. I lost count how many times I adjusted attaching the skirt to the waist and there is just so much fabric! Still, I plan to make my own as I just love the style. And I was pleased with my end result as it’s only my fourth dress ever.

Then making was interrupted by three days of plumbing and youngest son needing two trips to hospital and a plaster cast. Hopefully his wrist is not broken but he was in so much pain that they put a cast on. Two hours of rugby, no injuries, 2 minutes of goal keeping and hurt wrist! Both the plumbing and son are now fine.

Finally I had time for three makes. The first is a mixed media canvas of things my boys collected over the years plus some odd items that end up in the everything drawer. You know the one. Find a pen, put it in the drawer. Spare marble in pocket – in the drawer and so on. The poor items hardly ever leave the draw until you think to have a look for a paper lip, lost key or the like. What do you think of my treasure junk canvas, pre painting?

image I also made a cute felt rabbit hand embroidered brooch for a friend. There was also a second brooch of a little dog, but that is a surprise. She was so chuffed and thought I should make more for Easter. So if you would like something different, , please ask.



Steampunk inspiration

I am currently working on a dress for a competition, so will post once the deadline is here. Today I decided to craft rather than sew and I used items from Craft Box’s fab February steampunk themed box. I loved the charms and real watch pieces and used paper roses for the first time. If you like what you see pop over to  SewingNikki to purchase these one off makes. I personally love the hot air ballon earrings and the mixed media box.


New found love

I attempted my second textile embroidery art today and I think I am in love! It’s like I have been waiting for this craft to come into my life for ever.

May sound extreme but it really does tick lots of boxes; art, sewing, embroidery, fabrics and complete freedom for where to stitch and how. I   can’t believe I waited so long to make this,

My blackberries and spider web textile art. I have enough hessian to make another one and then I thought I might try a sunflower next.

Available to purchase here


The beginning of a new hobby?

I began sewing along time ago with cross stitch and over the years have self taught myself to embroider using different techniques – beads, ribbon, black work, stump work and drawn thread work to name a few – and also conquered using a sewing machine to quilt, patchwork and make a dress or two. I recently discovered a brilliant creative magazine called Be Creative with Workbox. I have always loved learning new crafts and sell some of my makes now and then, but never had the nerve to try free style embroidery on my sewing machine. Crazy considering my love of sewing, crafting and using sewing machines!

Richard Box has an article in the latest edition of  Be Creative with Workbox  and takes you step by step – see here http://www.creativewithworkbox.com, to make your own textile art Poppies picture. I have to say I am hooked! Why did I wait so long? I love the fact I get to combine machine and hand sewing in such a free way. Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to dress make and embroider boxes using lots of different media to produce 3D pieces but free style textile art has definitely found away to draw me in.

Now how do I fit my new hobby in with my existing hobbies, cocktails at my favourite bar, work, kids, a husband, a cat and a dog? At least my fabric stash may decrease a little!

Step one - first material pieces
Step one – first material pieces
Step two - second material
Step two – second material
Step three - Background materials
Step three – Background materials
Step 4-5 - machine stitched over the materials and beginning to add hand stitching
Step 4-5 – machine stitched over the materials and beginning to add hand stitching

Here is my project step by step so far. What do you think? I will post the finished article soon – hopefully…….

If you would like a look at what else I make please visit https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/SewingNikki .