Walking on the Moon

As you know I am an avid crafter and sewing enthusiast but I have recently taken up a more active hobby in the way of power walking. The crafting and making hobbies are great stress relief hobbies but I can easily hide away from the world and not venture out. With the walking I am still by myself but getting fresh air and setting my self new challenges. It also means I have to say hello to people who I walk past or at least a smile as my routes are on the popular Tarka trail and southwest coastal path. Very pretty and help with keeping going!

I took up the walking to support my sister in law with completing the 26 mile Moonwalk in London on the 14th May. Both of us walk a lot in our everyday lives but this takes walking to another level. Having completed the Great North run 8 years ago, I said never again but the walk meets other goals of my own.

Facing my stress, anxiety and depression. It came to a head in December and the gradual increase in walking and the goal of walking 26 miles have helped me to keep on walking and helped towards my recovery. There’s still along way to go, both in walking distance and mental health recovery, but I can see an end point in sight and that keeps me going. On the longer walks you have moments of why am I doing this, I am red faced, sweating and a little uncomfortable but then suddenly a rush of, I got through that dip and I can make it to Patrick Swayze ( I wish) waiting at the end of this stretch and I have a smile on my face. And my feelings towards my dips in depression and my anxious moments are similar where my fantastic husband, sons and friends will give me a boost, a little push, sometimes space or simply hold my hand through the dip until it passes and I can smile again. Or possibly feel I can moon walk 😊

If you would like to sponsor me the link is https://moonwalklondon2016.everydayhero.com/uk/nikki-klingenberg

The walk raises awareness of breast cancer as we all walk 26 miles in our bras at night around Clapham Common. No challenge at all for a body shy coach potato like me!