Dress update

So far it took me a whole day to cut out and sew two pieces together, as our boiler decided to breakdown half way through Sunday leaving us temporarily with no electric and for three – four days with no heating. Brilliant.

Also I had lots to cut out with the main dress in satin, the lining and the lace yoke all challenging me for whose hardest to cut out! 22 pieces for the main dress and lining alone.

On Monday I managed to sew the main dress together, alter parts, unpick parts and inserted the zip so now you can see a dress. Tonight will be the lining and boning, which I have never used. It’s a repeat of the main dress with some extra seams for the boning. I may even get onto the yoke. Hopefully.

Please excuse the photos but it’s dark and grey here in Devon and our light is rather yellow toned. Photography is not my strong point so I shall stick to the sewing.


Making a dress, quick!

I am a leisurely sewer. I don’t like to rush and normally have lots of time to finish a project. I only make clothes for me and my latest one is a dress. I have the paper pattern cut out . I have the notions and fabric I need. What I don’t have is time. I have today and an odd few hours in the week. And my work party is on Friday. Will it help my sewing get faster? Will I be wearing my gorgeous fitted satin and lace dress on Friday? Will I know how to sew a princess seam by tonight?

Who knows but I am going to have fun trying. See you later, maybe.


Projects this week and chaos

Its been a busy week with trips to hospital, plumbers, competition deadlines and some makes in between.

First my competition dress had to posted on Tuesday and so Monday and Tuesday was spent finishing this. The dress was the walk away dress for the Bamber Sewing Competition. Here is a sneaky peek.

imageThe fabric was sent with the pattern and you have to make your dress with it. It is then up to you how to finish the dress. I opted to add handmade fabric roses, lovely pink binding and a lace up front rather than buttons. It is meant to be an easy make but at times it drove me insane. I lost count how many times I adjusted attaching the skirt to the waist and there is just so much fabric! Still, I plan to make my own as I just love the style. And I was pleased with my end result as it’s only my fourth dress ever.

Then making was interrupted by three days of plumbing and youngest son needing two trips to hospital and a plaster cast. Hopefully his wrist is not broken but he was in so much pain that they put a cast on. Two hours of rugby, no injuries, 2 minutes of goal keeping and hurt wrist! Both the plumbing and son are now fine.

Finally I had time for three makes. The first is a mixed media canvas of things my boys collected over the years plus some odd items that end up in the everything drawer. You know the one. Find a pen, put it in the drawer. Spare marble in pocket – in the drawer and so on. The poor items hardly ever leave the draw until you think to have a look for a paper lip, lost key or the like. What do you think of my treasure junk canvas, pre painting?

image I also made a cute felt rabbit hand embroidered brooch for a friend. There was also a second brooch of a little dog, but that is a surprise. She was so chuffed and thought I should make more for Easter. So if you would like something different, , please ask.



Sewing dress woes

Grrrrr gr gr! As I mentioned before I am finishing a dress for a competition and it is beginning to drive me insane. I choose to enter, as I want to make a version of the dress for myself but after this I may need to wait a few months to erase this experience out of my memory! It has been a learning curve and it is helping to refine my dressmaking skills but at times I could just put it away and it could enter the ufo collection. If it wasn’t a competition then it probably would of.

Anyhow on a more positive note I am feeling more creative and have plenty of past projects to feel proud of. This selection is of my embroidered or small project makes.


I have some small makes I am working on besides my dress for other people and two other bigger projects bubbling along in the background. If you like my makes pop over and like my page at  https://www.facebook.com/sewingnikki/posts/904260729688765:0 and feel free to share, like , love or respond in any way you like!

Now back to the grrrrrr dress.

Sewing here I come as time is running out!

imageMy recent make after my Simplicity Bloggers post, was this dress for my friends wedding. It was a dream to make and a free pattern with Love Sewing issue 12 magazine. To date my favourite pattern to make so far and I felt amazing wearing it. I will definitely make more Kimono style dresses in the future.  The gorgeous fabric is from Minerva and I have had lots of lovely comments wearing the dress. Now I have to decide on finishing another dress you can just see under this one, making for a craft stall I am running in August or using the blue linen I washed yesterday to make my first pair of trousers.  Too many choices. I also have a plan for an alphabet task to make for work and is it to early to mention the C word? Bet Santa is ……….