Sorry for being away!

I have been ill, then returned to full time work and have neglected my blog.

Illness is cruel and mental illness was no fun. When I think back to this time last year, I was in tears. Broken. Crying all the time. No sense of worth. Lost.

I had a loving husband, two gorgeous children, friends and a good job. I had my health. But it disintegrated. Badly. Mentally. I was exhausted.

I do not tell everyone this, as I have seen the look in people’s eyes, but I have anxiety and depression. I lost a good 10 months of my life. I have survived but I have changed. I am a different Nikki to before, although still me. I am better but still have moments when anxiety grips me and leaves me in a grey fog, unable to think, unable to be rational and often frustrated with my logical self.

Crafting helped. Walking helped. And finding time for me has helped. I like my job. I love my family. I adore my crafting, creative times. My me times. That does not make me a bad mum, wife or teacher. It makes me ME. I am important and I need nurturing. And I need to nurture everyone, including me.

So here are some of my makes, whilst I have been ill and since. Some are works in progress, but all are part of me.