Two many bags!

I recently made two bags, hence the typing of my title. My husband says I have too many as it is but he need not worry as these are for sale.

I do love bags. Strangely enough I only use a few regularly but then I go back to a different bag that I forgot I had. I do only use one handbag as it’s typically full of junk alongside my essentials.

It had been a while since I used my sewing machine and I loved some used denim I had in my stash and some fabric left from a skirt I made. I love using leftovers or up cycling for my makes and bags are a favourite. One Sunday, in between going out for lunch, I made these very useful bags.

They can be worn over the shoulder or carried in your hand, have a button fastening and are big enough for an A4 folder. A good friend uses a previously made one for her evening classes. I am tempted to make one for me to keep for my collection and to start adding pockets to make them more useful.

I am hoping to have some time to see today but watching the youngest play football is first on the list, so we shall see. Have you any plans today?

3 thoughts on “Two many bags!

  1. I also have my favourites that I always use, although I love making bags so much that I just have to give them away! Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and put them in my online shop (which never has much in it…..)

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