Exeter Embroiderers’ Guild

I have finally found the courage to step out into the world of the Embroiderers’ Guild, after years of thinking I should take a look but, as an introvert who seeks solitude, stepping into a room on my own of strangers is extremely brave. I usually have an ally – my husband – who is much better at talking, keeping conversation going and just introducing us to new people. He is just not into embroidery, so painfully shy introvert me had to be strong!

I meet so many lovely people, sorry I can’t remember all your  names, and truly felt welcome from the start. I got to try wooden block printing and was amazed at the gorgeous and varied work that developed over the session. If you live in Devon and love embroidery, take a look. I will certainly be going back, armed with my membership fee and hopefully to meet and build up my relationships with these very talented ladies. I just need to be brave and remember,