Simplicity New Bloggers Sewing Competition.

I found out about this sewing competitionimage were you send off for one of three Simplicity patterns. You then customise the pattern as you wish, post to your blog and send the pictures back to Simplicity. My pattern arrived today so I just need inspiration, fabric and my sewing machine to produce my entry by the 31st of May 2015. If you would like to enter, details can be found here, . Wish me luck and I will post as I get inspired and making.


Mission Impossible?

I am attempting a dress from a pattern, and it has 14 pieces to the bodice alone, which is way more complicated than I have ever made before. Pause for breath. So far in two days I have cut all the pieces out and made this.imageI normally make imageor this…..image As they take day or an evening. Wish me luck.

After distraction!

imageI realised I had got distracted by my new book and made a bag instead of my dress. Does this happen to you? I often buy material for a project, then get distracted and start something else and by the time I find the material for the original project, I can’t remember what I was going to make! At least the fabric stash I have will keep me busy for a while.

Today I am finally onto my dress. I found this gorgeous material on eBay ages ago and then finally found a pattern to make. I knew I wanted to make a dress and I hope it looks good when finished. I think at my go slow, learning to use a bought pattern, it might take me a while………

My latest creation.

I received my own copy of the book I mentioned before, went to my local charity shop and found some lovely remnants and hey presto a bag is made in a couple of hours! I am so chuffed with the results, I have put it up for sale, even though I love it! I would highly recommend Clare Youngs Perfect Handmade Bag book and sewing for unwinding. Life is a little hard right now and sewing helps me get immersed in something creative. It is my de-stressed at the moment! imageimage


This is my first ever blog so be nice! I have been sewing for along time but only started dressmaking properly a year ago. (Well when I say properly I mean it’s fine for me to wear.) My last make though was this bag from Claire Youngs book The Perfect Handbag. Really easy to make and I used remnants, free fabrics and my husbands old shirts. I have a huge button stash and I found buttons that represent my husband, children and me. I have had lots of compliments about it and hope my next project, a dress, goes as well. image