Simplicity’s Star Sewist Entry.

image My first ever entry to a sewing competition and also my first top ever! I saw this competition in April and sent off for the Best Vintage Make pattern which is Simplicity pattern 1364 , a 60’s style top. I choose this pattern as I am likely to wear it and use the pattern again.

Next was to think of a theme. I liked the pattern but also like 1950’s styles so kind of merged the two. Inspiration came from looking in shop windows and online at summer tops and finally my husband! He is not known for his fashion sense but he does love boats. He also loves Harry Potter but that’s not something I wish to indulge in!  A few purchases later, a whole month gone and I finally had time this week to make my piece. image

And three days later , with lots of arghhhh moments inbetween, it became this image …… imageimage image image I am very pleased with the results and recommend the pattern to others. Now I just need some sunshine to wear my lovely new top! Hope you like it too x


Sorry I have been quiet

i have still been stitching but too busy to post. I am a teacher full time and so will catch up on my sewing and blog after next week! I have two dresses made, my Simplicity Blogger entry and a threading alphabet to make and an out fit for work in the pipeline so I promise a more interesting blog soon x