Textile Art my first try

I recently discovered the work of Richard Box through an article in Creative Workbox Magazine. There was a step by step guide in an issue and I have always wanted to try free style machine embroidery.  This was the perfect chance for me to try mixing machine and hand embroidery.

The first step was to stick fabric in selected places as the base of the flowers. I used normal dabs of pva glue to hold it all in place. This is then layered up with shades of pink red fabric and the background is added. You also add the centre of the flowers before gluing wool on for stems.

The whole piece is zig zag stitched over the top in appropriate colours. Drop the dog feed, add your free motion foot and go for it. I loved this part and be warned – don’t zig zag too much!

I then hand stitched over the flowers in colours that were tonal and radiated the stitches out from the centres of the flowers. I also added moderne running stitch detail on the background, adding some blue and purple to the green stitches in wool and variegated threads.

The final step was to straight stitch over the hand stitching to enhance it not hide your stitches. Again less is more and know when to stop.

I really enjoyed producing this and using Richard Box’s step by step guide helped me to finally try free style embroidery on my machine. I have another project I bought from Richard’s website, a blackberry picture to try next. Can’t wait!