Sewing conventionally (and also with wire)

It has been a very busy week at work and home but I have managed some creative moments. I unfortunately ran out of wire for my hearts – mistakenly ordered the wrong size – but did have wire and beads for this,

image image image image. It is like sewing but you use the wire to attach the beads rather than a needle and thread. I am very pleased with the result and put it on my Etsy store.

My more traditional sewing project is my never ending felt alphabet. This is a project for my class and it is half way complete. I just need to finish sewing on the backs and then sewing the button holes so that it can be threaded or buttoned onto a string or row of buttons. It’s a fine motor, sensory alphabet I am making up as I go along. It is also making me practice neatness and working with my sewing machine of six months. Here is my progress so far,

image image

image image

image I have progressed further than b but it may be quiet sometime before it is in my class room! I am also hoping it will last longer than it is taking to make.

I would love to know what your sewing projects are at the moment. Are you getting ready for Christmas or working on a big project? Meanwhile I am determined to finish this project so I am going back to continue my abc’s.

Sewing with Wire.

image image image

My latest makes have been these beautiful wire hearts. I shape thicker silver plated wire into hearts and then use a finer silver plated wire to “sew” the beads in place between the two hearts. It truly is an addictive make and I have made 10 so far and have orders for about 10 more! I am not sure how long it will be before I get bored and move onto the next hobby but it will be long enough to fulfil my current order list. I also need to get inspired again to make a chicken shaped box.


I had loads of money deals, ordered the boxes, went on holiday, they arrived on my return and ooopppss….. What was my amazing idea again? Do you have lots of ideas swimming around, track down the items but then forget what you idea is? It happens to me a lot, especially as I often shop online living in an area with one great fabric shop and an art materials shop but if I want something unusual I rely on the online shops. I try to use Pintrest to save ideas for inspiration but how do you store your creative ideas? I would love to hear your thoughts.

More of my hearts can be seen here