Weekend wears and makes

So here it is. My dress!


And then there were these weekend makes, catching up with orders and putting others up for sale. I also had a play with acrylics for an idea. How has your weekend been?


Dress update

So far it took me a whole day to cut out and sew two pieces together, as our boiler decided to breakdown half way through Sunday leaving us temporarily with no electric and for three – four days with no heating. Brilliant.

Also I had lots to cut out with the main dress in satin, the lining and the lace yoke all challenging me for whose hardest to cut out! 22 pieces for the main dress and lining alone.

On Monday I managed to sew the main dress together, alter parts, unpick parts and inserted the zip so now you can see a dress. Tonight will be the lining and boning, which I have never used. It’s a repeat of the main dress with some extra seams for the boning. I may even get onto the yoke. Hopefully.

Please excuse the photos but it’s dark and grey here in Devon and our light is rather yellow toned. Photography is not my strong point so I shall stick to the sewing.

Making a dress, quick!

I am a leisurely sewer. I don’t like to rush and normally have lots of time to finish a project. I only make clothes for me and my latest one is a dress. I have the paper pattern cut out . I have the notions and fabric I need. What I don’t have is time. I have today and an odd few hours in the week. And my work party is on Friday. Will it help my sewing get faster? Will I be wearing my gorgeous fitted satin and lace dress on Friday? Will I know how to sew a princess seam by tonight?

Who knows but I am going to have fun trying. See you later, maybe.


Sorry for being away!

I have been ill, then returned to full time work and have neglected my blog.

Illness is cruel and mental illness was no fun. When I think back to this time last year, I was in tears. Broken. Crying all the time. No sense of worth. Lost.

I had a loving husband, two gorgeous children, friends and a good job. I had my health. But it disintegrated. Badly. Mentally. I was exhausted.

I do not tell everyone this, as I have seen the look in people’s eyes, but I have anxiety and depression. I lost a good 10 months of my life. I have survived but I have changed. I am a different Nikki to before, although still me. I am better but still have moments when anxiety grips me and leaves me in a grey fog, unable to think, unable to be rational and often frustrated with my logical self.

Crafting helped. Walking helped. And finding time for me has helped. I like my job. I love my family. I adore my crafting, creative times. My me times. That does not make me a bad mum, wife or teacher. It makes me ME. I am important and I need nurturing. And I need to nurture everyone, including me.

So here are some of my makes, whilst I have been ill and since. Some are works in progress, but all are part of me.


Walking on the Moon

As you know I am an avid crafter and sewing enthusiast but I have recently taken up a more active hobby in the way of power walking. The crafting and making hobbies are great stress relief hobbies but I can easily hide away from the world and not venture out. With the walking I am still by myself but getting fresh air and setting my self new challenges. It also means I have to say hello to people who I walk past or at least a smile as my routes are on the popular Tarka trail and southwest coastal path. Very pretty and help with keeping going!

I took up the walking to support my sister in law with completing the 26 mile Moonwalk in London on the 14th May. Both of us walk a lot in our everyday lives but this takes walking to another level. Having completed the Great North run 8 years ago, I said never again but the walk meets other goals of my own.

Facing my stress, anxiety and depression. It came to a head in December and the gradual increase in walking and the goal of walking 26 miles have helped me to keep on walking and helped towards my recovery. There’s still along way to go, both in walking distance and mental health recovery, but I can see an end point in sight and that keeps me going. On the longer walks you have moments of why am I doing this, I am red faced, sweating and a little uncomfortable but then suddenly a rush of, I got through that dip and I can make it to Patrick Swayze ( I wish) waiting at the end of this stretch and I have a smile on my face. And my feelings towards my dips in depression and my anxious moments are similar where my fantastic husband, sons and friends will give me a boost, a little push, sometimes space or simply hold my hand through the dip until it passes and I can smile again. Or possibly feel I can moon walk 😊

If you would like to sponsor me the link is https://moonwalklondon2016.everydayhero.com/uk/nikki-klingenberg

The walk raises awareness of breast cancer as we all walk 26 miles in our bras at night around Clapham Common. No challenge at all for a body shy coach potato like me!

Walking The Walk

A few months ago my sister in law said she would like to walk the London Moonwalk. At the time it seemed like a good idea and a chance to spend some time with my sister in law. I like walking and have completed a half marathon so piece of cake! Who was I kidding!

My training is going well and I can walk 8.4 miles in 2 hours 9, which is a great pace. I am managing two to three walks a week and am beginning to add some other exercise in between. I am lucky enough to live right next to a section of the Tarka Trail and South West Coastal path, which is tarmac but pretty. Perfect as the course is around Clapham Common.

There are just two things that aren’t going so well. Firstly my walking app, doesn’t like my location and has me frequently walking on water, so not giving me an accurate distance or time. This means investing in a fitness tracker or sport watch, to try and get more accurate times. This matters as I can sometimes walk way to fast the first few miles, which won’t help my stamina on the 26 mile course!

And as for fundraising, I am currently walking 26 miles for the grand total of £15.60, thanks to three lovely sponsors, but I would like a bit more! The Moonwalk is to raise funding for breast cancer and lots of like minded women will walk around Clapham Common in the dark, wearing their bras! Now in my clubbing days I have been known to walk around Clapham in a crop top, but that was pre children and this is going to be my biggest challenge. I will have to see if I can walk the walk in a bra or something more like a top.

If you would like to follow my progress or even sponsor me, here is the link.  Wish me luck!

Projects this week and chaos

Its been a busy week with trips to hospital, plumbers, competition deadlines and some makes in between.

First my competition dress had to posted on Tuesday and so Monday and Tuesday was spent finishing this. The dress was the walk away dress for the Bamber Sewing Competition. Here is a sneaky peek.

imageThe fabric was sent with the pattern and you have to make your dress with it. It is then up to you how to finish the dress. I opted to add handmade fabric roses, lovely pink binding and a lace up front rather than buttons. It is meant to be an easy make but at times it drove me insane. I lost count how many times I adjusted attaching the skirt to the waist and there is just so much fabric! Still, I plan to make my own as I just love the style. And I was pleased with my end result as it’s only my fourth dress ever.

Then making was interrupted by three days of plumbing and youngest son needing two trips to hospital and a plaster cast. Hopefully his wrist is not broken but he was in so much pain that they put a cast on. Two hours of rugby, no injuries, 2 minutes of goal keeping and hurt wrist! Both the plumbing and son are now fine.

Finally I had time for three makes. The first is a mixed media canvas of things my boys collected over the years plus some odd items that end up in the everything drawer. You know the one. Find a pen, put it in the drawer. Spare marble in pocket – in the drawer and so on. The poor items hardly ever leave the draw until you think to have a look for a paper lip, lost key or the like. What do you think of my treasure junk canvas, pre painting?

image I also made a cute felt rabbit hand embroidered brooch for a friend. There was also a second brooch of a little dog, but that is a surprise. She was so chuffed and thought I should make more for Easter. So if you would like something different, , please ask.