Secret Stitching Santa

I was very lucky to receive two beautiful secret santas, one stitching and one knitting. I am going to blog about my stitching one here as I have already made something from the goodies in the box. I absolutely lived both of them and the thought that went into both but I am not a knitter and am trying to crochet, so those gifts will help me continue to try!

Going back to my sewing gift. I received some gorgeous vintage doilies, DMC threads, buttons, some lovely handmade decorations and gifts, chocolate, a pattern, a booklet and some fabric. I have not decided what to make with that yet but the floral pattern is saying quilt to me, so we will have to wait and see. The doilies and the booklet called to me instantly and so I began an embroidery -and yes Cathy those colours suit my palette beautifully – using only things from my gift apart from a hoop. I then did add a button from my sons vintage button gift and a brown thread from my collection to finish the piece.

I love the colours and how a jar of pieces of ribbon and fabric inspired me to make this. The design in the book jumped out at me and then I just stitched where I wanted until it was finished. The colours are more rich than my photography skills show.

I already have a floral one ready to sew but need another hoop so it’s sitting waiting for me to add stitchery. Can’t wait and thank you Cathy for my gifts and Sheila’s   #stitchingsanta  for the chance to take part again.




3 thoughts on “Secret Stitching Santa

  1. Hi, I am so glad you liked the gifts. I can’t believe you made something already, and it’s so pretty. I could see from your Etsy shop just how talented you are, this just proves it. I was away for Christmas and just got back to open my knitting secret santa. What can I say? Thank you so much, I just adore my gifts, and will be blogging about them very soon.

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